Make-It-Yourself Kits!!


*Beads for 2 bracelets

*Stretch cord

*A few extra special beads to signify 

the “parent/child” portion of the bracelet 

** TIPs ** 

*Place a piece of tape around one end of the cord so that the beads don’t fall off while stringing.

*Design your bracelet on a paper towel, hand towel or shirt ...anything that will lay flat and stop the beads from rolling around!

*When done, tie a knot but don’t pull super tight on the first one. Tie another knot on top and pull that one tighter, then do another knot again and pull that one really tight! Snip loose ends.

*You can place a drop of glue on the knot if you want!

Bracelet Kit for 2 -Pink/Purple Glass


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