Make-It-Yourself Kits!!


Beads to design one necklace, pendant, clasp,crimps & string.

You will need flat nose pliers!

**Tips & Instructions** 

*Design your bracelet on a paper towel, hand towel or shirt ...anything that will lay flat and stop the beads from rolling around!

*Place a piece of tape around one end of the cord so that the beads don’t fall off while stringing.

*When you are ready to string the pattern you have created, start from one side and go in a “U” shape - don’t start in the middle as it will end up at the back of your necklace!

*When done complete one side at a time like this:

Place a crimp on the string, put the clasp on, put the end of the string back through the crimp and squeeze flat with your pliers. Let the beads slide over top of the excess string and then snip off the tape from the other end of the string. Place the other crimp on this end and thread the string through the jump ring attached to the clasp you just put on. Put the string back through the crimp and pull it together so that there isn’t space at the end of necklace. Flatten the crimp and either hide the excess in the bead or snip it off !  Check out the video on Leiden Designs’ Facebook or Instagram to watch this if you need help :) 

Have fun and let me know how it goes! I would love to see your creations! 

Necklace Kit Blue Dragon Mix


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